• Hacksaw Ridge

    Release 2016-11-11

    Genres History, War, History, Drama,

    Celebrity Teresa Palmer | Andrew Garfield | Sam Worthington |

    Director Mel Gibson

    Duration 139 min

    Star Rating


    Hacksaw Ridge is the true event story of a US soldier, Desmond Doss. Doss was raised up as a conscientious objector and had great knowledge in medical. He faces a strong negative reaction from his fellow soldiers because of his religious beliefs. He was recruited by the US military for fighting the Battle of Okinawa. The location had a cliff named the Hacksaw ridge which the American soldiers had to climb. Doss played a major role in saving his fellow soldiers by using his medical skills and bravery. He also saved the soldiers who opposed him with a harsh beating. Doss, going against his faith, knocked the grenades from his enemies with his naked hands. He got injured severely but survived the war. Doss became the first conscientious soldier to get the Medal of Honor from President Truman. 


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