• A Series of Unfortunate Events

    Release 2004-12-05

    Genres Family, Comedy, Adventure,

    Celebrity Meryl Streep | Jude Law | Emily Browning | Jim Carrey |

    Director Brad Silberling

    Duration 108 min

    Star Rating


    A Series of Unfortunate Events is inspired from the author Lemony Snicket’s subversive children’s books. Violet, Klaus, and Sunny are the three intelligent Baudelaire siblings who are left orphaned by a fire in their house that killed their parents. Then the three children are carted off to live with their relative Count Olaf. The peculiar Count Olaf, an out-of-work actor who is up to no good. Count Olaf understands that the children won’t inherit the large fortune until they reach adulthood so he decides to get his hands on the kid’s money. The Baudelaire siblings find out about Count Olaf’s various murderous plans and they try to escape out from them with the help of their aunt Josephine and Uncle Monty.


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