• Jumanji

    Release 2017-12-20

    Genres Fantasy, Family, Adventure,

    Celebrity Karen Gillan | Kevin Hart | Dwayne Johnson |

    Director Jake Kasdan

    Duration 105 Mn

    Star Rating


    In the sequel to the famous and well-received Jumanji, four teenagers are sucked into the world of Jumanji. Spencer is a simple and meek boy. The fridge is a hunky jock whereas Martha is weak and unathletic. Bethany is the college diva. But in the world of Jumanji, their characters are completely opposite to their real life. Spencer becomes a brave explorer and fridges ends up as a small genius. Bethany becomes a professor and a complete bookworm whereas Martha turns into an Amazonian warrior. They have to beat the game to come back to their real world and learn to see the world in a new perspective.


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