• The Founder

    Release 2017-01-20

    Genres History, History, Drama, Biography,

    Celebrity Michael Keaton | Linda Cardellini |

    Director John Lee Hancock

    Duration 115 Min

    Star Rating


    The Founder is the story of the creation and expansion of the world-wide fast food chain- McDonald’s. Ray Kroc is an ambitious man who sells milkshake makers for a living. However, he is not satisfied with his earnings and harbors the dream of becoming a great entrepreneur. He finds a very popular diner named McDonald’s, owned by two brothers- Maurice “Mac” McDonald and Richard “Dick” McDonald. He becomes very impressed with their top quality food, good service, and cheap rates. He convinces them to make their fast-food restaurant into a franchise. They finally agree and sign a binding contract with Ray. But Ray is still unsatisfied and tries to earn more profits by any means possible without affecting the food quality. He finally cheats the brothers out of their own creation and ends up taking full credit for the creation and expansion of McDonald’s.


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