• Leap!

    Release 2017-04-21

    Genres Family, Animation, Adventure,

    Celebrity Elle Fanning |

    Director Eric Summer, Eric Warin

    Duration 91 Min

    Star Rating


    Leap! (Aka Ballerina) Is a French- Canadian 3-D computer-animated musical film which revolves around an orphan girl who decides to flee from her orphanage at rural Brittany along with a friend named Victor and aspires to become a ballerina in Paris. After they reach Paris, Victor gets busy with his office job whereas Felicie gets a chance to the audition at the famous school called Paris Opera Ballet. With no money and no training, Felicie finds it difficult until she finds a cleaning woman named Odette with a limp who happens to be a former ballet dancer. With the help of Odette and Victor, Felicie tries to pass the elimination round with great determination and works hard enough to convert her dreams into reality.


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