• Ghost in the Shell

    Release 2017-03-31

    Genres Sci-Fi, Thriller, Drama, Mystery, Crime, Action,

    Celebrity Juliette Binoche | Scarlett Johansson |

    Director Rupert Sanders

    Duration 107 min

    Star Rating


    The story takes the viewers in future where the humans are cyber-enhanced, and their traits are prominent such as the humans are stronger, more intelligent and so on. Major is one such human who is working in a counter-terrorism unit. However, due to certain circumstances, she starts doubting the reasons behind her existence. How Major unearths the secrets of her enhanced cyber life and how she deals with the truth is the centre of the movie. In this process, she finds many unbelievable truths about herself and gets new insight about the whole program and also about her life before she became Major.


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