• Smurfs: The Lost Village

    Release 2017-04-07

    Genres Fantasy, Family, Comedy, Animation, Adventure,

    Celebrity Joe Manganiello |

    Director Kelly Asbury

    Duration 89 min

    Star Rating


    The movie tells us the story of Smurfette and her friends who are trying to find a mysterious village of smurfs. Smurfette accidently finds a map of a lost village when she is playing near the forbidden forest. When she decided to locate the village with the help from her friends, the evil wizard Gargamel finds out her plan. He confiscates the map and sets out to find the village himself. The movie is all about Smurfette’s race to find the village before Gargamel finds it. Once she finds the village and discovers that some smurfs are already living there, she joins forces with the other Smurfs and tries to save their respective villages from Gargamel.


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