• Spark: A Space Tail

    Release 2017-04-14

    Genres Sci-Fi, Family, Comedy, Animation, Adventure,

    Celebrity Susan Sarandon | Jessica Biel |

    Director Aaron Woodley

    Duration 90 min

    Star Rating


    This is an animated movie where a teenage monkey takes on an evil dictator with the help of his two friends. General Zhong is a power hungry dictator who has usurped the power over a planet named Bana. In this process, Spark, a monkey lost his parents and had to go into hiding. Spark comes to know that the evil General Zhong is planning to capture a space monster and intends to increase his own power so that he can control the whole universe. Spark and his friends decide to stop General Zhong, and in this quest, Spark gets the knowledge about his own identity.


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