• Manchester by the Sea

    Release 2016-11-18

    Genres Drama,

    Celebrity Casey Affleck | Michelle Williams | Kyle Chandler |

    Director Kenneth Lonergan

    Duration 137 Min

    Star Rating


    The protagonist of this movie, Lee Chandler, is a sweeper with a quiet routine in the city of Massachusetts.  One morning, he is informed by a friend, George that his brother, Joe, has suffered a heart attack after falling from his boat. He reaches the hospital in almost no time only to hear the sad news of Joe’s demise. He makes his move for Joe’s house in Manchester to plan for his funeral and look after his nephew, Patrick. In a flashback, the fatal event of his children’s death in a fire is shown, which changed his life to utter solitude as his wife divorced him. He meets his wife who is married to another man and pregnant. The rest of the story is a narrative about his struggle to settle Patrick in a good home. In the end, he repairs Joe’s boat and goes fishing with Patrick reminiscing old memories. 


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