• Alien: Covenant

    Release 2017-05-19

    Genres Sci-Fi, Horror, Action,

    Celebrity Noomi Rapace | James Franco | Michael Fassbender |

    Director Ridley Scott

    Duration 128 Min

    Star Rating


    The sequel to Prometheus, Alien: Covenant is the second part of the prequel trilogy. It is a story about the expedition to find out about the genesis of humanity. Covenant is a colony ship with several crew members. These people discover a planet which appears to be an unexplored paradise. But in reality, it is a dangerous and unpleasant world inhabited by David, Prometheus’s lone survivor. The story has a 10 years’ time lap from its prequel Prometheus. The film introduces a new set of travelers in the planet inhabited by Engineers. The alien creatures in this chapter will be called Neomorphs, different from what they were named in the original Alien movies that it Xenomorph. 


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