• Silence

    Release 2017-12-06

    Genres History, History, Drama,

    Celebrity Adam Driver | Liam Neeson | Andrew Garfield |

    Director Martin Scorsese

    Duration 159 Min

    Star Rating


    The movie is based in the seventeenth century which was the time of Hidden Christians also known as Kakure Kristian. This time period was followed by a defeat faced by the Shimabara Rebellion created by the Roman Catholics in Japan in the hands of the Tokugawa Shogunate. The story reveals around two Portuguese Jesuit priests, Sebastiao Rodrigues and Francisco Garrpe, who are traveling to Japan. Their purpose is to find their mentor in Japan who was tortured to the extent that he committed renunciation. The two priests also face sadism and persecution in their journey towards Japan. The film chronicles the test of faith these two missionaries face in their operation to find their mentor.


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