• Dark Phoenix

    Release 2019-06-07

    Genres Sci-Fi, Adventure, Action,

    Celebrity Nicholas Hoult | Jennifer Lawrence | Michael Fassbender | James McAvoy |

    Director Simon Kinberg

    Duration 113 min

    Star Rating


    This is a superhero film. Jean Grey's parents are killed in a car accident due to her telekinesis in 1975. Professor Xavier washes away the accident memories from her mind. En Sabah Nur destroys the world in 1992. Endeavor space shuttle sends an emergency signal to the X-Men after solar-type power causes damage. All astronauts except Jean are saved. He owns psychic powers. She goes berserk and kills several people. An alien tells her that she has cosmic powers. Erik tries to kill her but fails to do so. The government takes Jean away. Xavier helps Jean in controlling her inner power. Jean kills Vuk and goes to outer space. The school is named after Jean with Hank as a dean.


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