• Childs Play

    Release 2019-06-21

    Genres Horror,

    Celebrity Aubrey Plaza |

    Director Lars Klevberg

    Duration 90 min

    Star Rating


    The story begins with a darkly comic start, where a commercial explains "Smart doll" which are being produced in Vietnamese sweatshop. The story revolves around Andy  and his poor working single-mom. As Andy, the 13-year old hearing-impaired son of Karen Barclay who was a clerk in Zed-Mart has recently shifted to a new apartment in Illinois. Karen tries to encourage him, asking him to make new friends as she starts preparing for Andy's 14th birthday. The story holds on to the bonding of relationship between Andy and his mother at the beginning. But later as the story goes on, a drastic situation starts to approach between them as Karen presents a buddidoll to Andy as an pre-birthday gift in an attempt to boost up Andy and to unease him to adjust in new conditions. Shane, Karen's boyfriend helps the tiny family to adjust in Illinois. Let's watch Child's Play film online or in theater near you!


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