• Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

    Release 2016-03-11

    Genres Sci-Fi, Adventure, Action,

    Celebrity Amy Adams | Henry Cavill | Ben Affleck |

    Director Zack Snyder

    Duration 151 min

    Star Rating


    As Superman emerges as a controversial figure at the beginning of the movie, he is seen as a threat to humanity. Therefore, Superman and Batman treat themselves as rivals to each other. Wayne gets to meet Diana prince in a party and thus, he retrieves encrypted data. He sees a vision with abstract thoughts, but finally, he gets the message that he has to save Lois. Wayne finds out that Luther is actually experimenting with metahumans. Later, Martha is kidnapped by Luthor, and this causes a fight between Superman and Batman. When Batman is convinced, he saves Martha while Superman confronts Luthor. While Luthor is arrested, Superman dies, but at the end of the story, the dirt over Clerk’s coffin levitates.    


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