• Doctor Sleep

    Release 2019-11-08

    Genres Horror,

    Celebrity Jacob Tremblay | Ewan McGregor |

    Director Mike Flanagan

    Duration 106 Min

    Star Rating


    Watch Doctor sleep Movie Online,  is an upcoming American horror film. It’s an adaption of sequel of novel –“The shining” and based on 2013 novel of same name. The movie is set 40 years after the events of the Shining. A now Adult Dan Torrance is struggling with alcoholism. He is traumatised by the events that occurred at Hotel Overlook when he was a child. Dan’s hopes for a peaceful existence shatter when he meets a young girl Abra who shares similar extrasensory powers as his and tries to protect Abra from a cult- “The true Knot” whose members feed on children with powers to become immortal.


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