• Hell or High Water

    Release 2016-08-26

    Genres Western, Drama, Crime,

    Celebrity Dale Dickey | Chris Pine |

    Director David Mackenzie

    Duration 102 Min

    Star Rating


    The movie starts with a robbery of two branches of Texas Midlands Bank by Toby and Tanner, early in the morning. The brothers do not leave any traces of the robbed money, but they spend it on gambling and untraceable funds, they return to Texas. They repay their debt left over by their mother. Then, they carry out another bank robbery. Hamilton somehow manages to catch Tanner, and also kills him. Toby comes to know about his brother’ death and he opens a family trust. Later when all the cases on Toby are cleared off, Hamilton meets Toby and reveals that he knows that he was behind the robbery. While he was asking for the reason, the conversation was interrupted, and they assure that the conversation would be completed one day.


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