• The Hummingbird Project

    Release 2019-07-05

    Genres Thriller,

    Celebrity Salma Hayek | Alexander Skarsgard | Jesse Eisenberg |

    Director Kim Nguyen

    Duration 110 Min

    Star Rating


    The Hummingbird Project is a Canadian-Belgian drama thriller. The movie is about high frequency trading. Two cousins Vincent and Anton from New York, are players of a High Frequency Trading game, where measurement of winning is in milliseconds, Anton is the brain and Vincent the manipulator. They have a dream of building a straight fiber- optic cable between Kansas and New Jersey and make millions, but nothing is straight forward form them. Both push each other and the people around them to breaking point on their daring adventure. Vincent and Anton are determined they go against their old boss to make a fiber-optic cable system that will speed up share transactions and beat their opposition.


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