• Assassins Creed

    Release 2016-12-21

    Genres Fantasy, Adventure, Action,

    Celebrity Jeremy Irons | Brendan Gleeson | Michael Fassbender |

    Director Justin Kurzel

    Duration 140 min

    Star Rating


    In this feature film of the widely popular video-game series, the plot revolves around Callum Lynch, who finds out that he is a descendant of the Assassin society. This society had been maintained a secret, which is again unlocked through genetic memories allowing him to relive the adventures of his ancestors. To his surprise, he finds out that his ancestor is Aguilar, who is in the 15th century in Spain. After gaining the knowledge and skills, he takes on the oppressive Knights Templar in the present day. Lynch is supposed to execute the process of unlocking his generic memories but that doesn’t happen. The rest of the plot moves with the scenes on how he overcomes the issues during his adventurous experiment. 


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