• Midsommar

    Release 2019-07-03

    Genres Drama, Mystery, Horror,

    Celebrity Jack Reynor |

    Director Ari Aster

    Duration 140 Min

    Star Rating


    While most of the horror movies are based on real life stories and incidents, there are some movies with complete work of fiction. This genre of movies sometimes offers scary and terrifying scenes which get imprinted inside our mind for a long time.

    Midsommar is one of them; it's a folk horror film of 2019. The storyline is little complicated yet interesting to understand. It basically follows a young American based couple, Christian and Dani are facing problems in their relationship. When Dani goes through a personal tragedy, it disturbs her completely. That disturbance starts affecting their relationship too. After so many failures, to keep their relationship alive, Christian and Dani decides to go on a vacation. They decided to attend a festival which is being held once in every 90 years in a small village of Sweden. The couple decided to take their friends, Mark and Josh with them. But they were unbeknown of the fact that this vacation might cost them their life. As the locals and the festivities were encompassing violent and some very disturbing heathen rituals.

    The movie is well written, supremely acted and displayed by the creators. We've witnessed very disturbing and scary movies in past few years but Midsommar seems to be quite engrossing and frightening. For sure, it's not for the weak hearted people.


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