• Escape Plan: The Extractors

    Release 2019-06-21

    Genres Thriller, Action,

    Celebrity Jin Zhang | 50 Cent | Dave Bautista | Sylvester Stallone |

    Director John Herzfeld

    Duration 97 Min

    Star Rating


    Remember the days when people used to find action sequences funny as they used to be really bad. It's 2019 now, the scale of action and thrill has been improved to a whole new level. With modern technology and VFX action is not the same anymore.

    To prove this right, an American action thriller film "Escape plan: The Extractors" is hitting the theatres soon. The film features a story about a security expert Ray Breslin and his girlfriend Jamie King. Once, out of nowhere a kidnapper kidnaps Breslin's girlfriend Jamie and takes her to formidable Latvian prison. Surprisingly, Breslin was also hired to rescue the kidnapped daughter of a tech megul of Hong Kong from the same prison.

    Later as the story unfolds, it is revealed that the kidnapper is nobody but Breslin's former partner's son who eventually turned enemy. Breslin realises that it's not an easy job to pull of, he needs professionals. So he gathers a team of really talented and deadly people.

    So, they depart to rescue the hostages and Breslin's girlfriend from the kidnappers which is deadly to pull off in very limited time.  


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