• Charlies Angels

    Release 2019-11-15

    Genres Comedy, Adventure, Action,

    Celebrity Kristen Stewart | Elizabeth Banks |

    Director Elizabeth Banks

    Duration 106 Min

    Star Rating


    In film industry nothing is predictable. Sometimes a sequel could be one of the biggest blockbuster of it's time and sometimes it could be the terrifying movie of all time. All depends on the story and cast.

    Charlie's angels, an upcoming action comedy film is the third instalment of Charlie's Angels film series. Charlie and his angels are well known to provide a high-tight security and investigative skills to some private clients. The agency is now expanding all over the globe internationally with some of the smartest, highly trained and fearless women all around the world. These teams of fearless girls are guided by multiple bosleys. They are having a track record of completing most of the toughest missions all around the world.

    It was one the day when a great team guided by Charlie was needed to come over a dilemma when a system engineer blows a whistle on one of the most advanced technology which is highly dangerous too. So in order to protect the society and people Charlie's angels were called from all around the globe. They are talented, highly trained and fearless. They come to put themselves into action and save the people even if it costs their lives.


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