• 1917

    Release 2020-01-10

    Genres War, Drama,

    Celebrity Benedict Cumberbatch |

    Director Sam Mendes

    Duration 105 Min

    Star Rating


    1917 is an upcoming British-American movie, it is directed by Sam Mendes


    The movie is about two British soldiers who embark on a mission to save around 1600 men from a doom during The First World War. 


    This movie will prove to be very entertaining; you can watch it with your family or friends. You can hit the theatre for a dramatic experience or you can also watch the movie on online digital platforms at the leisure of your home. Just try to avoid the pirated version of the movie. 


    The  film 1917 has open in theater and made $39.7M in it's first weekend and is alreay nominated for Oscars too. Have you watch 1917 movie yet? The Director, Sam Mendes has made an amazing war film based on two brothers and reception of this films are very positive. Even critics are appriciating this film along with the audiance. The film is doing quite great at the box office and soon it will be getting Oscars for sure! Let's go and watch 1917 film in theater before the next week comes.


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