• The Dark Crystal

    Release 1982-12-17

    Genres Fantasy, Family, Adventure,


    Director Jim Henson, Frank Oz

    Duration 93 Min

    Star Rating


    Jen was secretly raised by Mystics, after the death of his parents. When his master was on death bed, he reveals that Jen is ordained to recover a single crystal shard (gem) lost long back before the three suns align in the sky, failure of which will make the cruel Skeksis, the controller of the world. Jen, on his search, meets Aughra and Kira, who help him find the crystal shard and its prophecy. In the meanwhile, Skeksis, who have been alerted about Jen’s existence, try to kill him several times, but Jen narrowly escapes everytime. Finally, after long roller coaster events, Jen finds the shard and places it in its appropriate place, and again the world restores its beauty and harmony.


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