• Witness for the Prosecution

    Release 2019-10-18

    Genres Thriller, Drama, Mystery, Crime,

    Celebrity Ben Affleck |

    Director Ben Affleck

    Duration 90 Min

    Star Rating


    Leonard Vole meets an elderly wealthy woman Emily French 40 years elder to him at a party. He regularly begins visiting her. One day, Emily is found dead. On investigation, Mr. Mayherne, defending solicitor of Leonard, comes to find out that Emily had made Leonard her legal heir, in the expectation of getting married to him. Mayherne is informed by Leonard that his wife Romaine can prove him innocent, but surprisingly Romaine acts as a witness for the Prosecution. On the day of the trial, Mayherne meets an old woman who gives useful evidence of Romaine’s betrayal. This breaks Romaine’s testimony. Leonard wins the case, but suddenly Mayherne notices Romaine moving her hands in the same way as the old woman. On severe questioning, Romaine breaks and admits she conspired this drama to save her husband and Leonard did actually commit the murder. You can watch Witness for the Prosecution movie in any nearby theater or on online streaming platform after its release.


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