• The Shining (1980)

    Release 1980-06-13

    Genres Drama, Horror,


    Director Stanley Kubrick

    Duration 146 Min

    Star Rating


    The story shows Jack Torrance accepting a position of a winter caretaker of an isolated Hotel Overlook. He moves in with his wife and young son Danny who possesses extrasensory power “Shining” through which he could read minds, see the past and the future. The previous caretaker of the hotel had gone insane and had murdered his family and self. Jack meets the ghost of the previous caretaker and is convinced that he should also kill his family. Once in a winter snowfall, Jack gets taken over by a supernatural force and then starts a series of attempts where tries to kill his wife and Danny, but Danny is able to make an escape with his mother and flees away. However, Jack is found dead in the snow with no genuine reason for the death.


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