• Harriet (2019)

    Release 2019-11-01

    Genres History, History, Drama, Biography,


    Director Kasi Lemmons

    Duration 125 min

    Star Rating


    Based on the thrilling, inspirational and motivating life of an iconic American freedom fighter, the movie showcases an American biographical movie about a slave-turned-abolitionist Harriet Tubman. It depicts Harriet Tubman’s journey of escaping from slavery through all dangerous missions. It shows the spectacular and extraordinary tale of Harriet transforming into one of America’s greatest heroes after the escape. Then follows a series of moves which Harriet takes and through her courage, determination, tenacity, ingenuity and heroic acts, she liberates and sets free hundreds of slaves through the Underground Railroads and changes the course of history. Support this great film and watch Harriet movie in any nearby theater or on online streaming platform.


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