• The Lodge (2019)

    Release 2019-11-15

    Genres Thriller, Drama, Horror,

    Celebrity Riley Keough |

    Director Severin Fiala, Veronika Franz

    Duration 100 min

    Star Rating


    Richard informs his wife that he no longer wishes to stay with her and wants a divorce. His wife, keep calm and commits suicide. Before their two kids could revive from this shock, Richard announces his marriage with his new girlfriend Grace. The kids do not have any interest in Grace, but Richard in order to build a bond between them, plans them to spend a few days together at the same place where his wife had committed suicide. However, as soon as the stepmom and the two kids reach there and are about to form a friendly bond, they are confronted with a series of supernatural, weird, fierce and frightening incidents where the trio has to fight for their lives against the unseen evil force. You can watch horror filck in any nearby theater or on online streaming platform after 15 November!


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