• Tall Girl

    Release 2019-09-13

    Genres Comedy,


    Director Nzingha Stewart

    Duration 101 Min

    Star Rating


    The movie depicts the story of a 16 year old girl named Jodi, who is a tall girl and facing a number of difficulties and Complications in her school and society. She was very uncomfortable with her height, but her preview of life changes after meeting a Swedish exchange student, who comes to her town hailing from a notoriously tall Scandinavian nation. The interesting fact was that he was even taller than her & she had a crush, which changed her world totally. This turned into a surprising love triangle and lastly with the help of her two best friends & her beauty queen sister Harper, Jodi realized that she is much more worthwhile than her insecurities about her appearance. Watch the movie on online streaming platform but wait, did you check this film out in theater near you?


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