• The Jungle Book

    Release 2016-04-15

    Genres Family, Drama, Adventure,

    Celebrity Ben Kingsley | Idris Elba | Bill Murray |

    Director Jon Favreau

    Duration 106 Min

    Star Rating


    Based on the famous book by Rudyard Kipling the Jungle Book is a movie about a boy named Mowgli who is raised by the Indian wolf Raksha in the Indian Jungles. Mowgli was brought to Raksha when he was just a baby by the black- panther Bagheera and since then Mowgli is living with Raksha and her pack of wolves which is led by Akela. Shere Khan is a tiger who is after Mowgli as he is resentful towards humans.  Mowgli decides to leave the jungle for the safety of his pack as Shere Khan would also kill them if they try to protect Mowgli. This film is about all the adventures and interesting animal characters which Mowgli meets while he is trying to run away for the safety of his pack.


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