• The Secret Life of Pets

    Release 2016-07-08

    Genres Comedy, Animation, Adventure,

    Celebrity Kevin Hart |

    Director Chris Renaud, Yarrow Cheney

    Duration 97 Min

    Star Rating


    The story revolves around Max, a dog of the breed Jack Russell Terrier, who lives in Manhattan with his owner Katie. He bonds with other animals living in the same building. Max becomes jealous when Katie brings in Duke, a street dog. When Duke plans to leave Max in the alley, they are attacked by a group of cats who take away their collars. Snowball, a rabbit, and the Flushed Gang’s head, rescues them on the presumption that they are not domestics. But when the gang finds out the reality, Snowball vows to kill the two dogs. On the other hand, Gidget, one of Max’s friends from the building, creates her own army to rescue Max and succeeds in doing so. During their struggle, Max and Duke bond with each other. 


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