• My Spy (2020)

    Release 2020-03-13

    Genres Family, Comedy, Action,

    Celebrity Greg Bryk | Kristen Schaal | Dave Bautista | Ken Jeong |

    Director Peter Segal

    Duration 120 Min

    Star Rating


    After serving for so long in CIA, An agent is assigned to a case of a mature enough 9 year old girl’s family. The agent couldn’t resist his compassion for the girl and find himself helpless to such emotions that is definitely not a good thing for a CIA agent. What will happen next? And where this sense of emotion will lead the CIA agent? You will see that in theatre near you while watching the film on screen.


    The movie My Spy is a thriller piece yet you will see some funny sequences in its story. The movie begins when the hero is on a CIA operation and is spying on a family. This family has a nine year old girl who meets him. She recognizes him as a spy against his family and discovers all cameras that have been installed in the apartment where she lives. The hero pleads her not to tell other people about his real identity. The girl agrees about it yet in exchange she demands the hero to teach her about the skills to be a successful spy. The hero agrees yet while training her he realizes that this girl is more sharp and intelligent than him.


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