• The Informer (2019)

    Release 2020-01-10

    Genres Drama, Crime,

    Celebrity Ana de Armas | Joel Kinnaman | Clive Owen | Rosamund Pike |

    Director Andrea Di Stefano

    Duration 113 min

    Star Rating


    The film story revolves around a man who has been convicted as criminal get himself jailed on purpose with intension to motivate the mob at the prison. His intension seems to release all the prisoner’s release. Let’s see if he succeeded with such plan and get away with this. One thing is very sure that he is not going to take a chance and he will surly try to fulfil what he has in his mind. Watch The Informer to see the journey of a undercover criminal.


    This movie The Informer is action packed and a thriller piece. In this story the hero is a soldier. He is recruited by the FBI for a secret operation to take on and destroy a very powerful crime boss in the city of New York. During this operation a cop who is undercover gets killed. After this incident the hero finds himself stuck between the FBI and the mobs who are working for the crime boss. Thus the hero needs to escape from the crime boss and even from the law who is seen to use him for its selfish ends. He is also required to save his entire family from all kinds of dangers.


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