• Like a Boss (2020)

    Release 2020-01-10

    Genres Comedy,

    Celebrity Jennifer Coolidge | Tiffany Haddish | Salma Hayek | Rose Byrne |

    Director Miguel Arteta

    Duration 83 min

    Star Rating


    After completion of their graduation, two beautiful ladies aka best friends starts to think of venturing a beauty/cosmetic company together despite having different ideals.  While one lady is being practical about life situations and she handles the business with utmost dedication while the other girl is for into money, brands and wants to have a very materialistic life at any cost. This film showcases their dreams & desires to spring up their lifestyle. Do watch this film ‘Like A Boss’ you are ambitious and aspirational enough.


    This movie is likely to be released in January 2020. You might have seen the friendship of people having different traits and views towards human life. The movie Like a Boss is depicting the same thing as we have mentioned above. This movie mentions the story about two female friends. The first one has a practical outlook towards life and the other one likes to have fantasy dreams and likes to become rich with a fortune. Both of them start a beauty company and one of their customers tries to test their friendship. This story line can appeal to the audiences well.


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