• Bloodshot (2020)

    Release 2020-03-13

    Genres Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Drama, Action,

    Celebrity Sam Heughan | Guy Pearce | Vin Diesel |

    Director Dave Wilson

    Duration 102 Min

    Star Rating


    Story of Bloodshot revolves around a celebrated soldier, Ray Garrison. Who after getting killed in battle, revived from the dead by the help of science and technology as you have seen in so many films. He is going to become a superhuman where he can heal himself quickly from any scar. With such powers, he decides to take down the man who is the reason behind his wife's death. It's not too late for him to realize that he is been compromised and whatever power he has not being used in the right way. He isn't able to control himself so how will he use his power for the well-being of others? Watch the film Bloodshot to disclose the complete story, are you a fan of Vin Diesel anyway?


    Update about the film:-

    Are you too affected with the Coronavirus outbreak? It seems all the theater are closed due to the situations and due to this reason, Sony (the makers) is likely to annouce the realease of Boodshot into streaming platform soon and you will be able to watch Bloodshot right there on your tv screen or phone. we hope this situation will be vanished soon. 


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