• Sab Kushal Mangal (2020)

    Release 2020-01-03

    Genres Drama,

    Celebrity Riva Kishan |

    Director Karan Vishwanath Kashyap

    Duration 132 min

    Star Rating


    As the name depicts the movie is bit of drama where Pappu a host of a reality show has just offended the politician about his corruptness by his reportage. Pappu later on come to know about the politician that he also belongs to the same village.Then he realizes that he had created a huge mess for himself and the politician is in search for him.Pappu got kidnapped by the politician and here the story turns when a lively girl rescues Pappu. And both Pappu and the politician end up falling for her. The atmosphere is full of confusion in the village and I am very curious to know how they both get rid this situation.So if you are eager to know, go watch the film in your near theaters.  


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