• Morbius

    Release 2020-07-31

    Genres Drama, Adventure, Action,

    Celebrity Michael Keaton | Jared Harris |

    Director Daniel Espinosa

    Duration 120 Min

    Star Rating


    After getting a rare blood disease, Michael Morbius, a Biochemist decides to treat his blood disease with his medicine that he thinks would work. Without knowing the consiquences he inject himself with a drug created by him that suppose to treat his disease but things get worse when he started feeling sick and infected with strange sickness. Eventually, his body changes and his desire for blood become more strong and he slowly going to become a vampire instread of getting cure with the drug. This film will definitely showcase the story of a man who is not sure of something but used it to cure himself and in the end turns into something he didn't expected. Watch  Morbius Movie in theater or online on streaming platforme after its release.


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