• Dunkirk

    Release 2017-07-21

    Genres History, History, Drama, Action,

    Celebrity Tom Hardy | Cillian Murphy | Kenneth Branagh |

    Director Christopher Nolan

    Duration 123 Min

    Star Rating


    After the mind bending sci-fi Inception, the director is back with a world  war 2 flick Dunkirk. It is about the Dunkirk evacuation code named as Operation Dynamo otherwise known as the Miracle of Dunkirk. A total 3,38,226 soldiers of the Belgian, France and the British Army were evacuated by 800 ships. During the World War 2 the armies of the 3 countries were stranded on an island and were surrounded by the German army during the battle of France. The film deals with one of the greatest military evacuation carried out in the history which the then British Prime Minister Winston Churchill called the "MIRACLE OF DELIVERENCE".


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