• Finding Dory

    Release 2016-06-17

    Genres Comedy, Animation, Adventure,

    Celebrity Ellen DeGeneres | Albert Brooks |

    Director Andrew Stanton, Angus MacLane

    Duration 97 Min

    Star Rating


    Everyone loved finding Nemo, both adults and children and who can forget dory who suffers from anterograde amnesia. Dory along with marlin embark on a journey to find marlin’s missing son Nemo. After 13 years Dory gets a spin off in which she goes away searching for her family. The adventures of Dory due to her forgetfulness form the plot. Marlin and Nemo embark on a journey to find Dory. This story will definitely take you back to the Finding Nemo times and make you feel the nostalgia. Though the sequel is 13 years late it is always better to be late than never.


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