• The Other Lamb

    Release 2020-04-03

    Genres Drama, Horror,


    Director Malgorzata Szumowska

    Duration 97 Min

    Star Rating


    The story revolvesaround a girl, Selah, who born into an all-female orthodox family and where thereis a man (Shepherd) who is leading the family. Far from modern world, they livedeep into the woods and having their own culture too.  The only man in the group is being the teacherto the group and a lover who is protecting the group of females. All the femalesin the group either his wives or daughters. Selah is being raised as his daughterbut soon she starts to questioning as she has to be his wife now. An incidentwith local authorities makes women and Shephard to move into new Eden furtherinland. How Selah is going to bring a solution. She has a vision about Shepherd's women and what happen to them when they become aged. Watch The Other Lamb if it's get released on online streaming application as due to Corona Virus all the theater world-wide are closed! Stay safe people.


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