• Contagion (2011)

    Release 2011-09-09

    Genres Thriller, Drama, Action,

    Celebrity Matt Damon | Jude Law | Kate Winslet | Gwyneth Paltrow |

    Director Steven Soderbergh

    Duration 106 Min

    Star Rating


    A thriller which showcase the story of a virus that comes from Bat to pig and then finally into human and starts to spread human to human and is deadly disease. This film was made in 2011 but this is most relevent today as there is a fear of Corona Virus aka Covin-19 that was first reported in China as you can see in the film. In the film, a woman get infected after she eats meat of a pig, not it was not directly from the meat but the chef who was cooking it! He was in hurry to get a photograph with a client and didn't clean his hands and from that onwards it start to spread from one to another. Now the healthcare department along with government official trying to get away with this deadly disease and are asked to not go out of their house. Not to touch their face with their hands etc. and CDC starts to find the cure for the disease. As the current situations are world wide. Corona come from China and the symtoms are pretty same and even reported that it also comes from snake and bats too. Although there is no mention of Pigs but this is pandemic situation all over the world as there are almost half million of people world wide are infected and millions of people have died. This film is a must watch to understand how deadly this disease is! Even during the investigation in the film, a healthcare professional, Kate Winslate's character dies due to the virus. Watch Contagion on streaming platform Amazon prime right from your mobile. It's a must watch film!


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