• The Platform

    Release 2020-03-20

    Genres Sci-Fi, Thriller, Horror,

    Celebrity Alexandra Masangkay | Antonia San Juan | Zorion Eguileor | Ivan Massague |

    Director Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia

    Duration 94 Min

    Star Rating


    It’s a strange story of people who are trapped in a vertical prison system and inmates inside prison are assigned a level. Inside the prison that moves in between levels to serve food. There are only two people per cell and the platform which has food, it goes to every floor and stays for two minutes per day to feed the prisoner from up to down. It’s a painful situation for all the prisoner to be in such a hole where they have to starve for food and fight with their hunger. Fortunately, this film is available on Netflix and you can watch it right away! In such a time when all the people in the world are locked up in the house and can’t go out, while saving their selves and protecting others from the deadly Coronavirus the Covin-19. It’s great that Netflix is still working and not crashed as many people are dependent on the online streaming application. Watch the Platform and see how life become when you are in vertical prison.


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