• Peninsula: Train to Busan Part 2

    Release 2020-07-15

    Genres Thriller, Horror, Action,

    Celebrity Dong-Won Gang |

    Director Sang-ho Yeon

    Duration 116 Min

    Star Rating


    During lockdown word-wide due to Corona ka Covid-19 pandemic Peninsula hold the record of being released in theatre in Korea. It was about to premier in Cannes film festival of 2020 but we all know the reason of cancellation. Right? Well, this was a exceptional film to release in Korean theatre and grossed around $32 million world-wide. It’s a second part of the another Korean film Train to Busan as it was marketed in United States. Train to Busan Presents, Peninsula was released in 15 July, 2020 in South Korea is an action horror film and Yeon Sang-ho directed this scary film. It still hounds me when I think about last instalment of Train to Busan. The story follows ahead from the last story where there are Zombies in the plot and a soldier along with his team has been assigned to recover money which is loaded in a truck in the wastelands Where they will have to face rogue militia and some family member but probably not nice! Would you like to watch the film, Peninsula? It might not get world wide release in theater but still you can watch in on your mobile phones or on laptops. It's available online now to watch, although it's not clear yet which OTT Platform they will release it.  Let's watch Peninsula - Train to Busan Part 2 Online.


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