• Away TV Series

    Release 2020-09-07

    Genres Sci-Fi, Romance, Drama,

    Celebrity Hilary Swank | Vivian Wu |

    Director Andrew Hinderaker

    Duration 60 Min/ Episode

    Star Rating


    An ambitious woman who is a working American astronauts and is all set to go to a space mission along with international space crew and somehow this mission is going to be risky. Emma is going through a hard time as she has to go far away from her loving husband and daughter. This story tells the story of this woman who is going to be hero on her on and these 3 years are going to be precious while leaving her husband who is also a astronaut has not gone to space due to some health conditions. This serious ‘Away’ has been released in online platform and is available to watch online. Are you ready to watch the series? This would be a treat to watch during this Covid-19 situation world-wide.  


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