• Draupadi Unleashed

    Release 2020-09-25

    Genres Drama,


    Director Tony Stopperan, Nisha Sabharwal

    Duration 110 min

    Star Rating


    Set in 1930s, British ruled India, a woman is struggling for her own identity in society where people only listen to man and women are not being treated well. A woman, after an arranged marriage feel compromised and is being manipulated by a religious guru. How she finds a way to record her identity in a male dominated society? How she goes against all the planning of men around her and show them the mirror even in 1930s when women were not considered powerful enough in a social structure. It would be interesting to watch how director Tony Stopperan and Nisha Sabharwal has made this film.

    It would be exciting to live the era of Britishers and women condition at that point of time. Well the film, Draupadi Unleashed is available to watch in theatre near you on 25th September and you are asked to wear mask and follow social distancing in theatre. Enjoy the film.


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