• The Devil All the Time

    Release 2020-09-16

    Genres Thriller, Drama, Crime, Action,

    Celebrity Tom Holland | Bill Skarsgard |

    Director Antonio Campos

    Duration 138 Min

    Star Rating


    Story about a Dark Character and based in Ohio and West Virginia, The Devil All the Time is about strange yet powerful character where World War II ended until 1960s.

    A respected man who is based in South Pacific is struggling and think that he is responsible for his wife’s death who after fighting a lot with cancer, couldn’t make it. Her name is Charlotte. Then there is Carl and Sandy Henderson, a couple but a dangerous team of brutal serial killers, they are on the America’s highway and street to find discover models for photoshoot and eliminate. There are other people too, they eccentric, weird but seems very sharp.

    This thrilling and crime story definitely make an impact on you and after watching the film, you might need to watch The Devil All the Time again to understand it completely. Let’s book the ticket to watch the film in theatre near you but be safe as Corona is still there. Please follow the guidelines of social distancing and always wear a mask.  


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