• Enola Holmes

    Release 2020-09-23

    Genres Drama, Crime, Adventure,

    Celebrity Helena Bonham Carter | Henry Cavill |

    Director Harry Bradbeer

    Duration 123 Min

    Star Rating


    The story revolves around Enola Holmes the sister of Sherlock homes. While she was growing up her father died and brothers left but her mother always stand there for her. Unfortunately, one fine day, her mother goes missing while leaving a gift for her. Enola, decides to wait for her brothers to arrive as Sherlock is going to find their mother and her another brother who is in government services going to help them too. Enola finds out that his brother isn’t happy with her behaviour and sending her to a school for young ladies.

    Enola find some secret signs of her mother sending her a message as she followed, she finds out and decides to escape. From here her journey as a detective as she is going to solve some big conspiracy and she just get in train where she introduces to her first lead.

    Enola tries to communicate with her mother though newspaper but failed. Meanwhile, after meeting the guy in the train, it seems her life is in danger as this serial killer is after her.

    Through so many ups and down, she manages to solve the big political conspiracy and her brother Sherlock is also helping her. It will be interesting to see a young lady become a revolutionary detective and breaking the all odds in the men world. Will see meet her mother? How will she solve the case and at the same time not get killed?

    The film Enola Homes is available to watch on Netflix and trending on number one too. Let’s watch the film and decide if you like the film. Watching this film on laptop will give you a good experience though.  


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