• Shortcut (2020)

    Release 2020-09-25

    Genres Fantasy, Horror, Adventure,


    Director Alessio Liguori

    Duration 80 Min

    Star Rating


    Watch Shortcut film in theater now! It has been released and available to watch in theater near you! Are you aware of Covid-19 situations world-wide and maintaining social distancing along with mask on your face? The film Shortcut might be available to watch online on OTT platform soon.

    The story goes around a school bus, in which there are 5 students, they are very scared and counting on time as it never stops. What is happening to them? Why they are trapped? What is haunting them and making the pressure of not coming out of the school bus? It will you only get to know when you will watch the film in theater and till then you can make your assumption and ideas of what is the story all about.

    I hope you have not checked the synopsis yet coz it will give you then now idea but about a film that you already have watched several times. Are you willing to watch Shortcut alone? It is a horror film and I hope you will not get a heart attack while watching the film. There is a creature who has somehow manage to come around the school bus and not letting the go out. It’s the survival of these 5 students and they must fight for their life.


    Let’s watch the film ‘ShortCut’ but hey! Please don’t try any shortcut and follow the required guidelines for theater to watch a film and be safe.


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