• Hocus Pocus

    Release 1993-07-16

    Genres Fantasy, Family, Comedy,

    Celebrity Sarah Jessica Parker |

    Director Kenny Ortega

    Duration 96 Min

    Star Rating


    The fantasy film, Hocus Pocus which was released in 1993 has released once again and is doing so great at the US box office. The film is definitely a must watch and deserve more eyeballs even after so many years! Well, we find it a little bit scary so put in Horror genre but it has never given this category specifically.

    So, the story revolves around the Sanderson Sisters who were through out of the community for practising dark magic. It’s been 300 years and they are not accepted and it seems there is a long way for the Sanderson sisters to be accepted.

    Well all thanks to Max, who has been very new kid in the town, came from a spell spoken before the sisters’ demise. Now sisters have the kid, Max but they have only one night where they need to save their life.  


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