• Possessor Uncut (2020)

    Release 2020-10-02

    Genres Sci-Fi, Thriller, Horror,

    Celebrity Christopher Abbott |

    Director Brandon Cronenberg

    Duration 103 Min

    Star Rating


    Possessor, the film revolves around a corporate agent, Tasya Vos. She is into the business of brain-implant technology and through this they use other people’s bodies to live through making the transplant. They trained them to make them execute assassinations project that help their company to grow. She is passionate about her work and she has gifted with so much work. Unexpectedly, she starts to experience something strange and start to struggle overcome her trauma and violent memories. As her mantle health gets at the stake, she will Definity loose the control over her brain. She feels that she is being controlled by a man whose existence is superior then her.

    This will be the interesting watch as the film is quite a psyche thriller and you will definitely enjoy watching Possessor Uncut online on OTT platform or if you going to theatre then make sure to wear a mask and follow social distancing norms.  


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