• Hubie Halloween (2020)

    Release 2020-10-09

    Genres Fantasy, Mystery, Comedy,

    Celebrity Julie Bowen | Ray Liotta | Kevin James | Adam Sandler |

    Director Steven Brill

    Duration 102 Min

    Star Rating


    Hubie Dubois, who is being used for the entertainment purpose during the Halloween festival and is very famous character among children’s and adults. But this year Hubie Dubois need to really play a hero though the Halloween night as a murder has taken place. He is pure hearted person and when this murder takes place on the occasion of Halloween night, he must find a way through and that’s how his devotion for his hometown, Salem will be remain intact and respected.

    The film has been released on 7 Oct, 2020 and you can still watch Hubie Halloween online on your mobile phones and laptops but if you decide to go to theatre to watch it as there are still some theatre who are showing the film in United States. Please follow the social distancing and wear a mask for sure!  


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